Why the name of the site?

Well, what started out as a fun thing turned kind of cool.

Blog I used because I am blogging, where as brat has another story to it…

Years ago my wife would call me a brat. I would say, I’m a nice brat. It came to mean rascal. So I guess I’m still a brat so to speak. I have always love the movies of the “Little Rascals”. Even the modern remake was fun. I’ve always felt like a brat, because I don’t believe anything. I have to see it happen to believe it.

I don’t have to try dangerous drugs to know they are bad for you. But reason and truth I test all the time. I constantly go back to things I have always taken for granted and question them.

Ideas like…how the universe it not what we thing. Did you ever see the movie “What the Bleep do we know.” Wild stuff. It was the subject amongst my friends and I for months. Even when we get together and the subject comes up; we go at it again. So out there.

I love to question life the universe and everything. But still it come back to my brat attitude…by reason and truth. Reality is important to me. Even though I love to read a good book about a story that can’t possible happen.

Final Note: The name Blog Brat is easy to remember. Don’t think about that too long.

More later…


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