Malware and Such

I wrote this little post because I don’t want extra stuff on my computer that I didn’t allow. Extra stuff can slow down the working of your computer. They often start at the start up of your computer. They do take up resources. Enough and then this can be a factor in slowing down or gumming up the proverbial workings of your computer. So I am always on the hunt with my system starts to show signs of slowing down.

Recently I ran into a problem with my web pages having links added on the text. It took awhile but I tracked it down to a sight Its not that I have a problem with this sight in any way. It just that the software in my computer kept putting links in the texts of my web pages on every site  I viewed.

In my process of undoing said software, I ran across another that was bugging as well. It was They have a browser add on that showed up on every page with info that would drop down coupons for online. 

I don’t remember asking for any of these. Still malware is often packaged in a download that seems to be safe. Even with watching the questions that are asked with installing something things can still slip through.

So don’t get upset that you did something wrong. Malware experts are pros at concealing their wares. However for the record again. I have no quorums with these two companies, but the software was bugging my computer time and frustrating me. So I deleted them both.

Some malware tracks your action on anything that happens on your computer. I am a big believer in privacy as long as someone isnt’ hurt.

These two effected my usage when web surfing. So they slowed up productivity. That can be the greatest monster of all. I have lived by the saying “Work smarter not harder”, said by Christopher Yancy Thomas (March 24, 1818 – February 11, 1879) was a politician and lawyer from Virginia.

With all that said just remember computer are no smart or crazy that they are programed.

More Later BB

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